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Until October Makes Us Present With Single Absentee

The pop-punk duo formed as a band in 2016 while they were still in high school. In 2021 they released their first single “Last Goodbyes” followed by their first EP “New Beginnings." Now graduated from college, Nick Garra and Alex Carlin hit us with the banger “Absentee."

Until October’s latest single “Absentee” discusses topics about an absent parent. The lyrics express a sense of trauma and hardships one faces when a parent is not present." I grew up while you were absentee, so don't you dare take credit for me” sheds light on the feeling of a parent taking credit for the success one has made or all that one has grown from when in reality that success and growth was done on oneself through hard work.

With a dark theme and woeful lyrics from Alex, the single features guitar notes from lead guitarist Nick. Alex’s vocals show strong emotion which aids in guiding listeners to understand the emotional impact of the lyrics.

The single is the kind of song to scream to while on a late-night drive. It gives a feeling of relief, like finally getting something off your chest. This is exactly what Alex hoped to accomplish with this single, “I hope other people that don’t have relationships with one of their parents can find some kind of catharsis in this song because it definitely does that for me.”

We can’t wait for Until October's new EP Happiness Is Fleeting releasing October 28th!


Find Until October Here


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