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Usher Delivered an Iconic Performance with Friends at Super Bowl LVIII Half-time Show

Edited by Iceis Augustino

usher and alicia keys on stage
Photo by Ezra Shaw

Usher Raymond IV is an American R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and dancer and an 8-time Grammy winner. He was born in Dallas, Texas, but grew up in Tennessee, where he began his career singing in his church choir. Usher dropped his first self-titled album at just 15 and rose to fame with his second album, My Way, in 1997. He is best known for his smooth and sensual vocal range in his top tracks like 'Yeah!’, 'U Got It Bad’ and 'Burn’. Usher is a 1990s and 2000s icon and is still topping the charts today.

Usher brought his all to the stage with his sensual vocals, smooth choreography, and energizing light show at this year’s Super Bowl LVIII Half-time Show at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show begins with Usher in a white tailored suit with a front cropped blazer sitting in a geometric chair singing ‘Caught Up’, he began dancing and transitioned into 'U Don’t Have to Call’. He made a shout-out to his mother and dedicated ‘Superstar’ to her as he started the vocals. The band/dancers made their way closer to the circular stage as they made a smooth transition to the first notes of 'Love In This Club’.

Then, the first guest was presented in the smoothest way. Usher danced to the transition and presented the beautiful and amazingly talented Alicia Keys sitting at the grand red modern piano in a red diamond/glitter and sheer jumpsuit suit and large flowy cape. Alicia began playing and singing the chorus of 'Ain’t Got You’, and Usher ended the last line of the chorus harmonizing with her. Alicia takes off her cape and the room gets steamy with Usher starting their hit single 'My Boo.' They sing the duet together while dancing and looking into each other's eyes, and viewers can feel the chemistry through the TV. They end the song with Usher hugging Alicia from behind and her cuddling into his arms while they're both smiling happily, full of joy.

Directly after, to honor the 20-year anniversary of Usher's album, the producer of the album, Jermaine Dupri, got the crowd pumping with a hand up in the air before Usher sang a small clip from 'Confessions Part II'. With the removal of his short blazer, he was now in a glittered silver-cropped tank. He then goes straight into the last line of the first verse of his hit 'Burn', his high notes brought goosebumps to my arms. Then he did a turnaround into ‘U Got It Bad’, which highlighted his vocal range and his sensual dance moves while he removed his glittered tank to reveal his signature white ribbed tank. He then also removed the tank, stripping to just his white trousers, white shoes, necklace, and glove. Next was a guitar solo by talented singer and songwriter H.E.R., in a black and white leather or latex jumpsuit and platform black boots with a beautiful red electric guitar. She shed the guitar and transitioned to 'Bad Girl’, where she began with a solo as dancers on rollerblades came into the frame.

As H.E.R left the stage, Usher and more dancers came out in black and blue glittered outfits on roller blades as well and sang 'OMG’. The camera turned to the crowd as Lil Jon was hanging with the crowd singing 'Turn Down For What’

singers and dancers in blue
Photo by Michael Owens

Usher ended the show with his collaborated hit ‘Yeah!’, in which he shared the stage with friends Lil Jon, Ludacris, and They did a choreographed routine and featured an incredible blue and white light show. Ludacris had his own solo on one side of the stage, shaped like a runway, as dancers danced on poles on the edge of the stage. The school band on the field was organized in a way that they spelled out "Usher" while they played their instruments. By the end of the performance, Usher, his friends, and dancers were jumping with so much energy that the stage was bouncing with them.

Usher delivered an iconic performance with Friends at the Super Bowl LVIII Half-time Show that far exceeded my expectations. Listen to Usher's new album, Coming Home, now on all platforms and get tickets to his upcoming Past Present Future Tour.



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