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Horns up as Wednesday 13 Rocks Out Winston Salem!

Edited by Brianna Garza

Wednesday 13 came to Winston Salem, North Carolina to rock out and brought a lineup of bands that made for a night of head-banging and moshing!

Black Satellite

Up first for the night was Black Satellite. Vocalist Larissa Vale used her incredible vocals, changing from melodic singing to gravely growling to enhance the songs and bewitch the crowd. It was also a pleasant surprise when the band did a cover of 'Sonne' by Rammstein. It was an expertly done cover that capped off the set and ended with even more fans of the band as the crowd was completely captivated!

Infected Rain

Second up for the night was Infected Rain. Frontwoman "Lena Scissorhands" radiates such an energy that automatically pulls everyone into her space. The band, as a whole, had such an honest love for being on stage and playing that enthralled the crowd in a special way. From song to song the energy of the crowd drew wilder and wilder to the point there was even a full circle pit going!

Gemini Syndrome

Third in the lineup for the night was Gemini Syndrome, who was an absolute crowd favorite. The stage presence of the entire band is a sight to behold. With the crowd singing back every word, every song was filled with the passion between band and crowd. It was a set to remember and left every person in attendance ready for what was to come next!

Wednesday 13

While the night had gotten started with an incredible array of bands, the moment that everyone had been anticipating was finally upon us. Wednesday 13 hit the stage to roars from the crowd. With the band playing a full set from Murderdolls everyone was filled with excitement. In between songs, the crowd was enraptured with little anecdotes about the songs and band that Wednesday 13 threw in! All the songs chosen and the arrangement of them were done masterfully and made for a night that fans will keep locked away in their memories for all years to come!

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