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Xondra Releases Important Single Dead Girl

New York-based singer/songwriter Xondra has recently released her fearsome single "Dead Girl," which includes a much-needed message to our society.

“Violence against women has, for so much of history and to this very day, been the main plot line to so many movies, shows, and podcasts. ‘Dead Girl’ is about how we have become so desensitized that we don’t care about the safety of women. It’s about the fear of being a woman/AFAB person and not knowing if danger is right around the corner. It’s about never feeling safe, even around the men that you know, because all men that have hurt you have been the men closest to you. ‘Dead Girl is me screaming out for someone, anyone to hear me and validate this fear that feels so lonely at times.”


The track "Dead Girl" sounds folk instrumentally with a blend of indie-pop vocals that are emotionally stirring. The song tells a story of how scary the world is for feminine-presenting people. The world is not safe in general, but especially for women and feminine individuals because this world was not built for us. Too often there are stories on the news about women, especially women of color, LGBTQIA+ women/afab people, and elderly women being harmed for no reason except the simple fact that we exist. This battle cry is the confrontation our society needs to hear, and aim to heal.

"Dead Girl" is the lead single out of Xondra's upcoming EP Tedious & Brief. Xondra wrote the EP as a note to anyone who has been hurt by someone who was supposed to love them and keep them safe, and to all the people learning how to speak up.

We look forward to hearing Xondra's upcoming EP Tedious & Brief soon!


Find Xondra Here


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