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Yellowcard + Hammock Made Us Feel All The Things With 'A Hopeful Sign'

Edited by Iceis Augustino

Members of Yellowcard lined up in front of a gray backdrop.
Photo credit: Acacia Evans

I can only imagine that everyone remembers the 2010s hit "Ocean Avenue" as one of the many "emo kid" anthems. Well, Yellowcard has come back with a reimagined version of the smash hit. It is joined with many other songs on an album called A Hopeful Sign, which was released on February 9, 2024. This album is a collaboration between Yellowcard and Hammock. This nine-track album is a way you've never heard Yellowcard before in your life. So, take the alt-rock band you knew in the early to mid-2000s and throw it out the window! This album is everyone's reintroduction to the band.

The approach that Yellowcard took with this album is very cinematic and soft. It is very ambient compared to what they normally release. According to the vocalist and keyboardist of Yellowcard, Ryan Key, he sent his vocal tracks with piano backings to Hammock and let them work their magic on these fantastic tracks. This album is full of reimagined versions of songs from their earlier albums, including 'Ocean Avenue' in 2003, 'Lights & Sounds' in 2006, 'Paper Walls' in 2007, and so on. The nine-track album reminds me of a movie soundtrack, and it seems like it would be in a melancholy teen romance movie, but it is also nostalgic all at once.

I appreciate and love that they were able to reimagine these beautiful songs into even more beautiful versions of themselves. Though not to be biased, 'Ocean Avenue' is still my favorite song of all time, even this reimagined version. Let's not forget to mention that they're about to embark on a massive tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first album, Ocean Avenue. The soft, poppy beats of each song are like a little hint of nostalgia for what you remembered, but it is so new all at once. It's refreshing and soothing. I feel like this is an album I would listen to while reading a really good book, as it isn't too busy music-wise, so I wouldn't get distracted from the story. Hopefully, they will see you all at a show soon on their upcoming tour! Check out the dates here!





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