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Zoe Kilgren Releases Her Anger In 'Can't Do This Anymore'

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Los Angeles native Zoe Kilgren writes such an evocative song about the point of no return where you cut off complete contact with abusive family in her newest single, 'Can't Do This Anymore.' The single comes months after the release of her debut EP, The Phoenix. 'I love you. I can't do this anymore.' The song is punk and full of rage that has been built up for years from having to deal with the abuse and complications from that. If you have ever dealt with it, you would understand the frustration and pain that comes with the constant abuse, and it can come in so many shapes and forms. "I know what you say behind closed doors, 'I love you, I love you.' I can't do this anymore." The song is rocky and has an amazing riff behind it that shows off the pure angst that comes from Zoe's vocals. According to Zoe, "This song is about going no contact with an abusive parent." Kilgren shares. "I grew up in a really messed up situation and honestly never saw myself escaping because I didn't know how. In learning how to prioritize my own safety and mental health, I realized it's unnecessary to have a relationship with someone who will never change or be a good person to you."

Kilgren makes an anthem for those who dealt with the abuse of a parent, a loved one, a guardian, etc., and couldn't take it anymore. This song hit deeply with me as I know people who have had to go through situations like this, and my heart breaks for the victims of this. However, I do applaud those who had the strength to leave the terrible situations and take the pain, learning from it on how to become independent, stronger people. I think she had it right when she started writing music based on her own experiences. However, I hate that she had to go through them to even be able to write about them. Her lyrics are poignant and beautifully painful to listen to. I love the raw aggression that is in her music, especially this song, and how she used personal details to make this song as punchy as it is. I'm very glad I stumbled upon this track, and I cannot wait to hear more from her soon.

Zoe Kilgreen


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